A chat with a Futurist about the Mind and a Pandemic

This podcast series explores a game-changing understanding of the human mind that can create an exponential shift in the performance, resourcefulness and well-being of any business or organisation.

In this episode, Futurist Matt O'Neill joins us for a discussion on how the current situation is effecting us, and we look at some of the interesting implications. 

This episode explores:
  • How in this situation we realise more deeply what agility and adaption is. 
  • The role of 'virtual intimacy', as connection via proximity is reduced
  • The difference between positivity & optimism as a symptom of a solid understanding of 'what we are', versus it as 'a useful thing to think and say' 
  • How this is an exciting time to be alive - as long as we don't try and control it or predict it!

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