Transformation: Personal to Systemic- How Quality Of Mind can help Society Change

This podcast series explores a game-changing understanding of the human mind that can exponentially increase the performance, resourcefulness and well-being for any individual or organisation. 

In this episode Piers chats with Garry Turner. Garry first came across Quality of Mind 2 years ago, and experienced a significant personal transformation, which has now extended in his inspiration for changing things in organisations and wider society.

Their discussion covers:

  • What all society's 'isms' are a symptom of 
  • The difference between activism from a high and low Quality of Mind
  • What we don't see and experience when we are so invisibly pre-occupied with the self
  • How we can go about 'revealing' consciousness
  • How Garry navigated a personal illness with grace and ease
  • The silver bullet that is much simpler than people think
  • The connectedness of all things
  • How change has evolved for Garry in the last two years (you can listen the podcast he did soon after his exposure to QoM here

Curious - want to know more?

  • You can find out more about Garry and his work here on Linkedin and Youtube
  • The Conscious Chemicals Community video
  • His  podcast Activating Consciousness 
  • Find out more about Quality of Mind 
  • Subscribe to our Quality of Mind Youtube channel for a series of 2 min videos all about Quality of Mind
  • Check out the Quality of Mind podcast: Listen here for an episode about what benefits someone can get from the understanding 
  • Piers Thurston regularly writes about Quality of Mind on Linkedin and has a large collection of articles and posts


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